My order didn't process correctly, but there is a pending charge with my bank/ cardholder, so did my order go through?

This is probably our most frequently asked question. The short answer is, if you didn’t get a confirmation email from us showing your order details, the order did not clear our payment gateway. If there is a pending charge on your card, contact your bank or cardholder to have the pending charge removed from your account as there is nothing we can do to reverse it unless the charge has actually cleared our payment gateway. Thank you.

How can I contact Fallen?

Go to our Contact page.

How do you handle returns?

Go to our Return and exchange page

I have a shop, and I want to carry Fallen, what do I need to do?

Contact our sales department at info@fallefootwear.us, let them know the city and state where your shop is located, and they will direct you to the sales representative in your area that can help you facilitate your request.

What is your warranty policy?

FALLEN will guarantee all of its products from any manufacturing defects. However, consumers must realize FALLEN products are designed and developed specifically for skateboarding, and therefore, FALLEN can not guarantee against the normal wear and tear of daily use. Email info@fallenfootwear.us for assistance with manufacturing defects.

What about International Shipping & International Returns?

We deliver to the United States and to Canada.Orders shipped to Canada, duties and taxes maybe applied by Canada customs. For other countries please contact Fallen International at www.fallenfootwear.com

How can I get sponsored by FALLEN?

Do what you do for the love if it, and the rest will happen naturally if you stay dedicated. We have a vast network of retailers, sales reps and distributors that are always on the lookout for new talent, so if you’re out there doing what you love, odds are one of them will hear about you sooner or later. Dream big, and follow your dreams!
P.S. Our staff is almost always too busy to check out your video links, so odds are they will not be viewed if you do send them over. Sorry.

Can I have some stickers?

The most frequently asked question, hands down. If you want stickers, send a self addressed AND stamped envelope to the address below. We will only do international sticker requests if your envelope has enough postage to send them back to you.

Fallen Footwear
Attn: Stickers
15421 W Dixie Hwy
Bay 3
North Miami Beach, FL 33162